If there’s ever been a moment for you (or your team) where the concept didn’t hook, the meeting didn’t sing, or the group didn’t gel, our improv workshops can help you with that.

We teach critical presentation, business, and downright human skills, using improvisation to make it fun.

Our targeted, focused approach means that you’ll never get a mindless icebreaker. Everything we do has a purpose. We sit down with you and work to customize a training that targets behavior you want to highlight.

Applied improvisation has been an incredible tool for a wide range of businesses, laboratories, non-profits, universities, and professional associations.

But don’t take our word for it. From leading business schools to multinational corporations, thought leaders across the world are turning to improv to develop skills for their students, teams, and employees. Check it out

If you don’t find something that fits your needs here, send up a flare and we’d be happy to come up with something perfect.

Snake Oil for your Team

Our basic workshops are the perfect way for your team to bond through a fun, unique experience while improving the way they communicate and work together. Ideal for a retreat, board meeting, or new team.

Snake Oil in the Classroom

We love to work with students! Improv is a great way to energize the classroom and focus students on the task at hand – improving the way they work in groups, their comfort with speaking and presenting, ability to think creatively.

Snake Oil for your Non-Profit

We have extensive experience working with nonprofit staff and boards – and we love the opportunity to work with the organizations who are working to make Montana (and the rest of the world) better! We understand many non profits work with big ambition and limited resources – applied improv is the perfect tool to help organizations find unique ways to overcome obstacles.

Snake Oil for Sales & Negotiation

There is a reason business schools and Fortune 500 companies are offering businesses trainings. The most successful business professionals need are confident, fast – thinkers, sharp listeners, and flexible. Let us work with your team to hone those skills and put them on the top of their game.

Snake Oil Custom Workshop

Don’t see what you are looking for? The applications for improvisation are almost limitless. Call us with you ideas and questions – we’d love to explore with you.

Size to Suit Yourself

  • Training Workshops (60 minutes to Infinity)
  • Keynotes (for 20 to 2000)
  • One-on-one training

Holler if you want to chat more about working together.